The Rogationists

Serving vocations and the poor

The Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus (RCJ) is a religious congregation of priests and brothers founded by St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia (Messina, Italy, 1851-1927). The word “rogationist” comes from the Latin “rogate” which means “pray.” The spirituality of the Congregation is centered on the words of Jesus Christ in the Gospel: “The harvest is rich but the workers are few. Pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest that He may send workers into His harvest” (Mt.9:37-38/Lk.10:2).


Hence, they carry out the mission of:

  • praying for vocations to the priestly and consecrated life in the Church.
  • propagating this prayer worldwide.
  • caring for and promoting the human and spiritual welfare of orphans, needy children and the poor.

As an expression of their charism, the Rogationists dedicate their lives in the apostolate in favor of the poor. In various places throughout the world, the Congregation has established orphanages, health and nutrition centers, schools for the deaf and persons with disabilities, technical-vocational schools, scholarships for poor children, centers for professional management, centers for relief and assistance, parishes and oratories.

The Congregation of the Rogationists originated in Italy and spread to several other countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. In the United States, the Rogationists established their first community in 1967 assuming the leadership and parish work in Mendota, California. Currently, there are three Rogationist communities in California: Sanger, Van Nuys and North Hollywood.