The Rogate Center

The Rogate Center of the Rogationist Fathers is an efficacious instrument for promotion of the Rogationist charism in its dimension of prayer for vocations, propagating this prayer worldwide and the pastoral care for vocations. It works at the service of the Church to promote a vocation culture and to propose pastoral care for vocations founded on the primacy of incessant prayer for vocations. This is understood as a continuous invocation to the Lord of the harvest for the gift of vocations, vocation discernment, and the support for vocation growth. It cultivates with special attention and care the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and the religious life in the Church.

The Rogate Center is composed of two offices distinct but complementary: the Rogate Vocation Center and the Development Office, St. Anthony Charity Center. The former takes care of the vocational dimension of the charism and the latter takes care of the dimensions of charity.

The Rogate Center achieves its aims by the following means:

  • Vocations and Prayer magazine: A quarterly publication on vocations ministry, for priests, religious men and women, catechists, different groups of ecclesial movements, the faithful, and especially for young people. The magazine, focused in the field of vocations, offers points for reflection and practical suggestions for fostering vocations, aids for prayer for vocations, help in the discernment of vocations and vocation proposals.
  • Rogationist Publications: Books and various aids on prayer and vocations.
  • Seminars on the pastoral care of vocations, for deepening, updating and sharing of experiences related to the pastoral care of vocations.
  • Rogationist School of Prayer, for an education on prayer for vocations, according to the spirit of Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia.
  • Vocation Discernment Workshops
  • The Saint Anthony Charity Center and Development Office, under the protection of St. Anthony of Padua, is the point of connection with our benefactors who support our works of charity and seminarian formation. The Development Office promotes and organizes projects of solidarity with the poor such as the “Adoption at a Distance” program sponsoring children and seminarians in need.