The Rogationist Fathers

The Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus (RCJ) is a religious congregation of priests and brothers founded by St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia (Messina, Italy, 1851-1927). The word “rogationist” comes from the Latin “rogate” which means “pray.” The spirituality of the Congregation is centered on the words of Jesus Christ in the Gospel: “The harvest is rich but the workers are few. Pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest that He may send workers into His harvest” (Mt.9:37-38/Lk.10:2). READ MORE

To bring their mission to success, the Rogationist Fathers have created “Rogate Centers”

Rogate Center of Van Nuys

The Rogate Center of Van Nuys, CA, is an efficacious instrument for promotion of the Rogationist charism in its dimension of prayer for vocations, propagating this prayer worldwide and the pastoral care for vocations. The Rogate Center is composed of two offices distinct but complementary: the Rogate Vocation Center and the Development Office, St. Anthony Charity Center. The former takes care of the vocational dimension of the charism and the latter takes care of the dimensions of charity. READ MORE

The Rogate Vocation Center publishes a magazine to further the mandate of Jesus. 1

Vocation and Prayer

Vocations and Prayer magazine is the expression of the Rogationist Fathers of the Heart of Jesus commitment to serve today’s Church in North America in the field of Vocations. Vocations and Prayer is a quarterly magazine on Vocation Ministry intended for all who are involved in promotional and educational programs for vocations. We seek to foster a culture of vocations. READ MORE