A Day to Remember

The 16th of May is a day to remember because it is when the Church proclaimed Father Hannibal Mary Di Francia as one of the six saints who were canonized by the Supreme Pontiff, St. John Paul II, in 2004.  On the occasion of his beatification on 07 October 1990, Pope John Paul II described Fr Hannibal as “an anticipator and precursor of the modern pastoral care of vocations”.

St Hannibal founded two Congregations to actualize in the Church and in the world his apostolic ideals: the Daughters of Divine Zeal in 1887 and, ten years later, the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus. The sanctity and the mission of St. Hannibal are profoundly felt these days by those who completely understand the necessity of vocations in the Church.

Today is also the 120th Foundation Anniversary of the Congregation of the Rogationist of the Heart of Jesus. We greatly rejoice that the Church has recognized St. Hannibal’s heroic and apostolic virtues, all for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

Thank you for the gift of vocations

O Jesus, Good Shepherd,
receive our praise and  humble thanksgiving
for all vocations that, through your Spirit,
you continually bestow upon your Church.

Assist the bishops, the priests, missionaries and
all consecrated persons
that they may they give examples
of a truly evangelical life.

Make strong and persevering in their intention
those who are preparing themselves
to the sacred ministry and consecrated life.
Multiply the workers of your Gospel
to proclaim your name to all peoples.

Guard the youth in our families and
in our communities.
Grant them readiness and generosity
in following you.
Turn again your gaze on them and call them.

Grant to all those whom you have called
the strength to abandon everything
to choose only you for you are love.

Forgive the infidelities of all those
whom you have chosen,
and grant those whom you call
to taste the joy of belonging totally to you.